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Digital Tex

is the brain-child of three business minded men looking to provide quality service at an affordable price. The business itself spawned from a desire to bring the best customer service and computer repair to as many people as possible.

Joshua Mitchener, 26

is from the New England area and has a history of over 13 years of experience in the industry. Josh began his introduction into the world of computer related businesses, when he created his own web hosting business at the age of 14.  Josh would later sell this business and begin to work for others in order to better optimize a business’ web design. One of Josh’s biggest accomplishments in this area was in the doubling of a business’ profits to nearly 50 thousand dollars a month.

Edward Sinclair, 49

is from New York City and is the heart and glue of Digital Tex. Edward’s marketing and networking skills help to connect this business with the people we strive to serve. Edward’s mind for people help to create an environment that promotes quality customer care even in the worst of situations.

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